Presentations offered by the Metabolic Balance Global Academy in 2021 & 2022

Is Nutrition an Important Factor for Recovery?

Instructor: Silvia Bürkle, Co-Founder of Metabolic Balance & Dr. Susanne Unverdorben, Director of Nutrition & Science Metabolic Balance Inc.

May 2021 Global Academy Webcast - Dr. Paul Clayton: "Nutrition in the times of COVID"

Dr. Paul Clayton discusses COVID‘s impact and what we can do about it as well as improving our immune status. Learn more about nutritional strategies from a world renown nutritional scientist Dr. Paul Clayton.

March 2021 Global Academy Webcast - Dr. Paul Clayton: "Back to the Future - Metabolic Balance and the Blue Zones"

Dr. Paul Clayton is presenting how the modern diet and lifestyle is directly responsible for our declining public health.

In order to offer antidotes, however, one must be more specific. We can now trace four distinct ways in which modernity causes illness, and each of these can be countered.

In this presentation Dr. Paul Clayton shows how it is done.

January 2021 Global Academy Webcast - Dr. Paul Clayton: "We Have To Talk"